Flagstone Patio Installation

With proper care, these flagstone patios offer many homeowners many years of enjoyment. When selecting materials, many homeowners look for low maintenance, but most stone and natural stone materials require regular cleaning. Applying water, air, and chemicals will damage these materials. With proper care, these materials can last a lifetime. Applying grout and applying sealants are essential to protecting these flagstone patios.

Sand and coarse rock wool are excellent surfacing agents when applied to the flagstone patio installation. They protect the surfaces from stains, erosion and are easy to clean. They are also porous in nature and will attract water, which can remove the sand, but leave the natural stone materials intact. Applying sealants such as urethane, polyurethane or acrylic is recommended to preserve these materials.

As you design and plan your flagstone patio installation in Auburn, Washington, remember that these pieces will become an important part of your landscape. Landscaping walkways should compliment the materials. The best way to do this is to find matching materials that will work well together, as well as ones that will enhance the area and bring out the character of the area. For example, if your walkway is made from rounded rocks and stones, then using materials that are patterned or platted will make the area seem less natural. Simple sand ladders are often used by homeowners when installing these flagstone patios. It is important to know how much sand to use to be certain that the surface is smooth. Some homeowners will simply roll out the sand and move it around for better results, while others choose to hand push the sand on the areas they want to lay flagstone.

Many homeowners prefer to pay a contractor for their flagstone patio installation, because the process is often a bit more involved and requires specialized equipment. Labor rates vary depending on the total project and job requirements, as well as the materials that are being used. Natural stone costs more than manufactured stone, so homeowners may see an additional cost when installing their flagstone patio. For this reason, many homeowners opt to use manufactured stone when doing a do-it-yourself flagstone patio installation.

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