Chimney Restoration

This method will prevent a lot of serious damage to your masonry chimney from fast spreading flames from other directions. Without a chimney liner, your chimney will continue to burn and destroy the wood and paper materials that are placed on top of it. In addition, it is highly likely that your chimney and house will both suffer major damage. Since most chimneys get exposed to different types of weather, such as cold, hot, rain, snow, and even tropical storms and hurricanes, they need constant protection from the elements. A professional chimney renovation and repair company will understand the best solution for keeping your chimney in excellent shape. Whether you need repairs due to a single busted flue, or you need help fixing massive amounts of damage due to decades of neglect, chimney lining maintenance is essential. With the help of a quality chimney liner service, you can get repairs done quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing your chimney’s safe return.

In addition to protecting your historic chimney against fires and the elements, chimney liners also help protect people from injury. Most people who use fireplaces, even those with modern safety features like smoke detectors and fireproof glass, are at risk for burns when using them. Chimney liners are usually installed inside the flue to direct the flow of smoke away from the house and away from people’s personal spaces. These liners also prevent smoke from seeping into the house and risking people’s health by causing allergies and other health problems. Proper maintenance and care are essential for the longevity of your chimney liners, and this can be achieved by scheduling annual inspections with a chimney restoration company.

Even if you haven’t had your chimney repaired in a few years, old brick might be showing signs of damage. If your house has a single story roof, you should take an inventory of all bricks in your property and break them all down to size. This should be done before the bricks are reinstalled, since bricks can shift quite a bit over time. If your house has two stories and you’ve had your roof replaced, assess each floor separately and break them down to size. You may find brick chips in your floors that will need to be repaired prior to having the rest of the house reconstructed, and a professional chimney restoration in Auburn, Washington can help with this as well.

Other areas to check are mortar joints between bricks and the mortar linings themselves. If bricks have shifted out of position or if the mortar has cracked, you will probably need to replace your liners, as well. The age of the mortar joints can determine what level of repair will be required. If the damage is too extensive, it may be best to repair the entire roof and rebuilding the mortar joints instead. When it comes to chimney restoration, there are a number of steps involved. Depending on the severity of the damage, some masonry work, such as brick restoration and mortar repairs, may need to be done by professionals. For smaller jobs, however, you may be able to handle the task yourself. If you’re unsure about whether or not you can perform the needed repairs, be sure to contact a professional chimney rehab service beforehand. They can give you a list of trusted contractors in your area and let you know whether or not they are qualified to work on your roof, floor, or other area.

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