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From conventional stucco and tile work to wooden frames and even metalwork, a skilled mason can turn a simple idea into a one-of-a-kind piece of art. And when it comes to brickwork installation, a stone mason is the only choice for many homeowners and businesses. Because of the specialized nature of brickwork installation, most stone masons choose to go with a licensed contractor who will understand the project from beginning to end. Stone masonry contractors also ensure that your new brickwork is done according to local codes and regulations, which ensure long-lasting durability.

While a small, amateurish mistake can certainly spoil a beautiful installation, the professionals at Stone Mason are there to prevent that sort of thing from ever happening. They take special pride in their work and try their best to make every customer happy. With years of experience in brickwork installation in Auburn, Washington, they’re sure to have the equipment and training to ensure the job is done right the first time. If you’re interested in using stone masonry materials in your own home or commercial building renovation project, contact a Auburn masonry company today. Restoring your home’s original charm is not just a dream – it’s easy to do.

Commercial Property Restoration. Commercial property owners and operators are able to restore their commercial property to its original beauty by contacting a stone mason. Because commercial properties tend to be larger in size than residential ones, the work takes on a much larger scope. For example, a renovation of a commercial building may entail tearing down a wall, repairing doors and windows, and installing new carpets or flooring. This all adds up to a lot of effort and expense, so it’s no wonder that many property owners choose to hire a professional contractor to handle the brickwork restoration process. There are many companies that specialize in the entire renovation and maintenance of commercial properties. The good news is that most brickwork restoration companies will offer a free consultation to discuss the details of their work and make you aware of all the options available to you.

Floor and Wall Repairs. Most homes, businesses, and other structures have floors, walls, and other elements of the design that need to be fixed up periodically. From flat and angled boards to retaining walls and siding, there are a variety of different methods for brickwork installation and floor and wall rehabilitation. Contractors trained in masonry design and methods can make any design fix possible using durable materials and modern techniques. Many homeowners like to turn a headache into a beautiful living space for themselves and their family by revitalizing their basement entrances and other structures.

Basement Entrances. One of the most popular renovations in recent years has been the addition of basement masonry elements. Basements now feature elaborate stone passages that lead to private outdoor rooms, backyard pools, and more. However, many homeowners don’t want the hassle and expense of constructing and repairing stone walls and shafts. Contractors trained in basement masonry can help you apply for permits, choose suitable stone for your project, and complete the project within your budget. Stone construction used on basement entries and balustrade facades are among the most durable on the market and can withstand decades of wear and tear.

Brickwork Retaining Walls. It is an attractive and inexpensive way to add security to an entryway or exit ramp from an apartment or condominium. Contractors trained in masonry design can build a brick retainer wall in a variety of styles to match the existing look of your home. A quality product designed to meet the specifications of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and underwriters commonly used in residential construction ensures that your retainer is well constructed, strong, and long-lasting. Brickwork retaining walls are available in many different sizes and designs to fit the criteria of any planned entryway. You can also have these custom-built to improve the curb appeal of your home and make it easier for potential tenants or homeowners to find their own place to live.

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